Translational Cancer Genomics

We are Bioinformatics & Bio-IT Company specializing in Translational Cancer Research. We Combine Omics Analytics, Literature Mining, Network Biology and Artificial Intelligence to develop clinically relevant models

We have developed State of Art Cancer Specific Networks to support Traslational Cancer Genomics Pipeline

Bringing Precision Medicine to the benefit of Patients

Cancer Network

14k Genes mapped to 40 Cancer Specific Gene Functions

We have mapped >14k Genes to >40 Cancer Specific Gene Functions e.g. TYROSINE KINASE, Drug Resistance, ABC Transporter etc. The Relation had been converted as Gene-Function Network; Ready to be analyzed and visualized on Cytoscape.

Our Drug-Gene Network includes 250 Cancer Drugs and 474 Genes and associated Pathways.

We are expanding our Gene Network to include more Targetable Genes using Protein-Protein Interaction and Literature Mining. The Network integrates with our OMICS pipeline and helps scientist better understand the cellular mechanism of Drug susceptibility/resistant

Predictome to Drug Susceptibility and Resistance

We are developing extended database to accommodate expression profile and Genome variation aiming to develop an Artificial Intelligence enabled expert system to Predict Drug Response in Cancer

Artificial Intelligence for Clinical outcomes
egfr drug network

We currently work with Researchers and Clinical Research Companies towards OMICS Analytics such as NGS, Microarrays, and Mass Spectrometry and provide them an enhanced annotation experience and better interpretability of results using Pathways and Network Based Analysis. We also develop Clinically Relevant Diagnostic and Prognostics Models using state of art Artificial Intelligence and Expert systems.


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