We have developed comprehensive Workflows for Various Applications of Next Generation Sequencing. Our workflows ensure you get most from your Genomics data incorporating state of art machine learning algorithms. Our workflows incorporate advanced feature extraction algorithm and extended annotation for Human and Mouse and incorporate pathways, ontologies and networks from wide range of database. These workflows can be executed inhouse or on our pre-configured servers and even on Cloud. Our expertise is on RNA-Sequencing, DNA-Sequencing, miRNA Sequencing, Exome Sequencing, Single Cell Sequencing, ChIP Sequencing, Strand Specific Sequencing and many more.

Predictive models

We have developed Deep Learning Framework for Developing Predictive models. The platform has been successfully applied to Genomics, Healthcare, Drug Discovery and has potential to be used for a wide range of applications. It uses state of art technologies for Feature identification, Optimization of learning parameters, Network pruning and Cross validation. The framework is equipped with APIs to seamlessly integrate with existing IT infrastructure, Health Informatics systems, Diagnostics Lab and a wide range of existing systems.


We develop Data Sc apps for wide range of applications. Our team have expertise in fast prototyping and quick deployment for Data Sc Apps. Find Patterns, Correlations, Develop Complex models, or just automate your analysis, the possibility is endless.