SEQOME Workbench

SEQOME Workbench is our Powerful Big Data Analytic platform optimized for Sequencing and Simulations. The workbench is compatible to work on Individual PC, Cloud and Cluster.

The workbench is designed for Next Generation Sequencing Applications, Simulations and other high throughput and computational intensive analytics. The inbuilt analytics is powerful enough to take control of the every step of analysis; run time decide the computational resources required and allocate what and when is needed.The Analytic Platform has APIs to integrates with Public and In-House Database and fully Integrates with the Analysis workflows and capable to Generating report, Send progress status and Reminders besides taking care of proper archival and disposal of intermediate files. SEQOME Analytic platform is designed to work on a High End Server, Cloud or Cluster of computers. The system is intelligent enough to channelize the right computational need while keeping the cost to minimum. Our platform is compatible for any applications where the computational requirement outweighs the typical capacity of Desktop computers. Thus, the system can be used for Simulations, Developing Mathematical Models and performing day to day high throughput research.


Sequencing: Next Generation Sequencing produces huge amount of data. Our inbuilt analytics has the ability to push all your data to High End Machines, Cloud or Cluster of computers, perform the required analysis and bring back the results. The workflows are fully customizable and can be extended to accommodate integration with in-house or public database, automate the whole analytics and generate reports. This is in particular significance in Clinical Research involving Next Generation Sequencing.
Simulations: Simulations with huge number of parameters can be hugely computational intensive. Our platform has the ability to push all the high-end simulations on the Cloud or Cluster and generate the optimized results.
Computational Models: Developing a mathematical model is often computationally challenging. Our workbench can leverage the power of Cloud to scale up required analytics.


SEQOME workbench combines three distinct technologies to accelerate Translational Genomics research and Innovation. Our workbench combines these technologies in a well layered architecture providing users with App development framework and analytics automation.
1) Workbench
2) Secure Information Highway
3) High-End Server, Cloud, Cluster
1) Workbench: The workbench is User Interphase software compatible to run on Windows, Mac and Linux. It receives instructions from the uses and controls and tracks the complete analytics. The key features of the workbench are:
a. Simplicity. Analyzing a complete Genome can be as simple as selecting the FASTQ files.
b. APP development framework. Develop your own APP. Once developed it can be used for routine analysis
c. Database APIs: The APP development Framework integrates Analysis and in-house or public database and can be therefore used for complete automation.
d. Reporting and Alerts: The Workbench can be configured to send process alerts and can be configured to Auto-Generate reports
e. Data Management: Clearing of intermediate files and archiving the important files is yet another important feature of SEQOME workbench.

2) High-End Server, Cloud, and Cluster: The analysis runs on High End Server, Cloud or Cluster. The inbuilt analytics controls the computing resources and is capable to massively parallelize the analysis. The Core engine is designed to Optimize the computational resources, run time allocate resources, release the resources when not needed, delete intermediate files, keep track of analysis and send regular updates.
3) Secure Information Highway: The workbench creates a secure information highway to and fro to the cloud or server. All the information moves through SSH (Secure Shell) and SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol)


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