Cloud Computing for Next Generation Sequencing

SEQOMATE is our flagship technology to automate Next Generation Sequencing workflows  using state of art massive parallel cloud computing.  We Create Machine Image specific to your Analysis, which can be loaded on as many Virtual Machines as Required, thereby hugely saving  cost and analysis time


Technical Details


Cloud Computing for Next Generation SequencingVirtual Machines

  • Virtual Machines are rack of Computational Machines which can be used as an when required.
  • The cost charged by most cloud companies are on hourly basic as is quiet cheap compared to maintaining own server and staff.
  • High level of security is in place and the data is safe from hacks.

Machine Image

  • Machine Image is Operating System bundled with all the required software for specific analysis.
  • We Create such Machine Images for various Applications of Next Generation Sequencing
  • Machine Image can hold database and is configured as part of Analytic Pipeline

Storage Block

  • Any Computational Analysis requires storage. The storage Block is attached to the Virtual machines. Raw sequencing files, intermediate files and the output files are stored on this.
  • The Storage Block can be kept even when none of the virtual machines is running. However it will incur charges and its best to transfer them to Cloud Storage.

Cloud Storage

  • Cloud storage is for long term storage. Data can be easily moved to and fro from Block Storage
  • It is relatively inexpensive and practical for long term storage.

What we Do

  • Create Machine Image for your specific analysis needs.
  • This includes Creating Workflows, Database Integration, Reporting and ensuring that your data and results are easily available to you.
  • We provide full training on using the Cloud and the Machine Image that we have developed for you.

How easy it is

Easy NGS workflows

  • Select the per-configured Machine Image.
  • Select the Virtual Machine as recommended by us
  • Execute the pipeline.
  • Track the progress
  • Results will be on your cloud storage and email alerts send out to you.

Advantages of using SEQOMATE

Parallel NGS workflows




Parallelize your analysis. The Machine Image can be loaded on as many Virtual Machines as Required. Therefore multiple data-sets can be parallel processed and results obtained in hours.


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