These are Guide Line Prices. Please contact us for more details


  1. Genomic Data Analysis starting 90 € per sample
  2. Development of Deep Learning Prognostic/Predictive Model. Starting from 990 €
  3. Biomarker Discovery / Literature Mining / Data Mining from public repositories. Starting from 990 €
  4. Genomics data Integration with Biological Database e.g. COSMIC, Wiki Pathways, GenBank, PubMed. Starting from 990 €
  5. OMICS data mining and integration. Starting from 990 €
  6. OME platform (platform for Genomics Data Analysis for Biologist) 990 € + Computational cost
  7. Training from 990 € + Computational Costs
  8. Statistical Analysis/Data Mining/Data Curing. Starting from 990 €
  9. Analytic Automation. Starting from 990 €
  10. Dashboard Development. Starting from 990 €
  11. Custom Software Development 45 € / hour
  12. Database Development 45 € / hour

Most of our mid sized projects cost in range of 1k – 5k

Training from 990 € + Computational Costs

Training is Customized to the Client Requirement and delivered as 10 one to one online sessions.

What is Included

  • Training on Linux, R, Bioconductor. Biologist wishing to learn can use OME Platform which adds GUI to analysis and they don’t need to learn R/Bioconductor
  • QC, Alignment
  • Analysis Dependent: Quantification, Pathways, Ontology, Networks, SNP calling
  • Visualizing Genome on Browser

RNA Sequencing from 90 € per sample

This includes QC, Alignment, Expression Measures, DE Genes, Ontology and Pathways analysis.

Add on Analysis

  • Fusion Genes 45 € per sample
  • Novel Genes 45 € per sample
  • cSNP 45 € per sample
  • ANOVA, Clustering, PCA, Co-Expressed Genes 290 €
  • Other analysis: Alternate Splicing, Novel Exons, eQTL, de-nova RNA-SEQ, strand specific RNA-SEQ etc

Single Cell Sequencing from 5 € per cell

This includes QC, Alignment, Expression Measures, Clustering, t-SNE, Identification of Novel Sub types, Cluster annotation

Add on Analysis

  • Most of the analysis related to RNA-SEQ as mentioned above depending on technology and requirements.

DNA Sequencing from 90 € per sample (EXOME)

This includes QC, Alignment, SNP calling and annotation, insertions, deletions, fusions and downstream effect prediction.

Other Analysis

  • De-Nova assembly
  • Associations Study
  • Whole Genome Sequencing
  • Targeted Sequencing
  • Comparative Genomics and Evolution
  • DNA and Traits

Small RNA Sequencing 90 € per sample

This includes QC, Trimming, Alignment, Quantification and Functional Annotation

Add on analysis

  • Integration with RNA-SEQ

ChIP Sequencing

This includes QC, Alignment, Peak Calling and downstream analysis