The pricing mentioned are guideline Academic pricing and can vary on specific requirements. Discounts available for sample size greater than 10

RNA/EXOME/miRNA Sequencing

*Prices are for sample under 10 Giga Base of data

Basic Analysis

QC, Alignment, Quantification: 90/sample

Comprehensive analysis

Pathways/Ontology/Network, DE Genes, ANOVA, Clustering etc: €190/analysis/comparison

Advanced Analysis

Fusion Genes / Insertions / Deletions / CNV / Duplication / Alternate Splicing / Novel Genes / Targets / cSNP / Downstream effect / Paired Analysis / single cell sequencing: €5-10/cell.

Whole Genome Sequencing / De-Novo DNA, RNA / Strand Specific Sequencing / Single Cell DNA and RNA sequencing

Pricing depend on requirement and depth of sequencing.


Seqomate automates NGS workflow on the cloud. 9900

The price will depend on level of automation, integration with 3rd party API, training requirement and need of web/desktop inter-phase.


SEQOME-DL supports developing prognostics models from Clinical and OMICS data

For Deep Learning Software supporting Clinical and Expression data: €990-9900

For supporting Sequence, VCF, Proteomics or other  formats: € 9,900 – 19,000

TRAINING (Currently Only In Ireland)

Bio-statistics:  990 + 90 per participant

Bio-informatics: 1990 + 190 per participant

Custom software Development

Command Line Application: €20 per hour

Desktop/Web Application: 30 per hour

e.g. Applications includes workflow automation, ELN, MRS etc

E.Mail us for exact quote. 

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