SEQOME Hub combines and optimize open source platforms to centrally Manage and Analyse high throughput OMICS and Clinical datasets.

Web Based, Access it from anywhere.

Multiuser platform & Easy admin

Preloaded with a wide range of Genomics and Machine Learning Software.

Execute default Genomic Pipelines or modify to see how the results differ; or design a completely new workflow.

Embedded Artificial Intelligence modules for development of Prognostic Models.

Cluster your data, Develop Classifier, Integrate with clinical data, pathways, and networks. Explore the endless opportunity

Designed to be used by Lab Scientist as well as Computing Professionals.

Extend the pipeline with simple R or Python Scripts

Keep your data safe. Host in your institute or Cloud.


The Hub is pre-configured with all the needed software. And with a wide range of optimized Workflows, analysis can be initiated on a single command. Suitable for DNA, RNA, microRNA, ChIP, ATAC, Single Cell Sequencing, and a wider range of genomic and clinical applications.

Artificial Intelligence

The Hub Supports easy development of Predictive and Prognostic models from a wide array of datasets. Be it be expression dataset, or Sequence or Clinical Data, the Hub can use it to identify parameters with predictive profile and develop accurate Prognostic models.

Data Sc. Apps

Hub supports quick development of Data Sc apps for wide range of applications. Our team have expertise in fast prototyping and quick deployment for Data Sc Apps. Find Patterns, Correlations, Develop Complex models, or just automate your analysis, the possibility is endless.


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