Laboratory information management system

SEQOME Informatics System is our powerful scalable LIMS system to Track, Manage, Share and Backup your data.

Key Features

Designed for Lab Scientist

Highly Organized Relational Database

Centrally Located data

Compatible with Large OMICS data

Automated Backed up

Easy Search and Query Features

Generate Reports

Collaborate with your Team

Your attachments and images all in one place

Customized to your needs

Comes in Desktop and Cloud edition

Minimum Maintenace

Free Training

Basic Edition

  • Designed for Principal Investigators and team
  • No Extra Hardware Requirement
  • No Annual charges
  • Free Support
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Collaborate with your team members.

Enterprise Edition

  • Cloud Based
  • User access control
  • 1 TB Cloud Space included
  • Secure back-end database
  • Web Based and collaborate across continents
  • Annual subscription required

As a Lab Scientist, you had been traditionally storing all information on a Lab notebook. Attachments are on Computer and you spend hours finding your stored samples and assay results. If you are a principal investigator you have to face with post-docs and PhD students moving out, leaving you little option to access the historical results. Here we offer you SEQOME Informatics Management System designed to store all your experiment and results in a highly structured and searchable database. Share your results with your Co-workers, collaborate more and save time in searching old records. Automated backups ensures that you never loose data.

Small and Medium size Labs are often faced with problems implementing LIMS which fits their budget. Unfortunately most LIMS are quiet expensive and accrue heavy maintenance, including expensive server and a dedicated individual to take care of the system. SEQOME Informatics System manages all your Lab Results, Stores Data on a Cloud and allows full or restricted access to individuals in the organization. The data can be restricted to be accessed only inside Lab or can be globally shared. Automated backup ensures you never lose your data. The system is highly user friendly with minimal learning curve and help is just a call away.


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