Script Execute App

Script Execute App will execute the Script generated by Script generator Apps.

Execute Script


Login will be your userid@ip.add.ress. Login will be provided by our system administrator.


Password will also be provided by your system administrator.

Execute Script

This is the Script file in text format that will be executed on the server in your home directory where all your fastq files reside.

Execute Results

IMPORTANT: If you close this window, or your connection gets interrupted, or you close your computer or your computer goes in a standby the process will be terminated. However the last process will continue to execute till it is finished. We are working on a App which will not terminate the process even if it is closed.


1) I don’t see the 1 st window

Ans: .NET is probably not installed.

2) I don’t see the second window.

Ans: putty family of software are not installed

3) The second window opens up but closes immediately.

Ans: The problem might be in you login credentials, or the server not accessible.


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