Data Transfer App

Data Transfer App will transfer your FASTQ files to home folder. Alternatively you can use FileZilla, WINSCP or FTPBOX.

Data Transfer App

If you don’t see this window, .NET is probably not installed on your windows PC/Laptop. Download and install .NET and re-run the App.

Login is your username@IP.Add.Ress. If you are using our cloud, we will provide you the Login and Password. If you are using your institutional server, you server administrator will provide you the Login and Password. In your administrator has provided you UserID and IP address then your Login will be UserID@IP.Add.Ress.

Select your FASTQ files and the App will transfer all the selected FASTQ files to the Server home directory. You will see the progress of data transfer in a DOS window. Remember that your FASTQ file name and file path should not have space.

data trasfer app 1

Once the data transfer is done this window will close. We would recommend you to use FTPBOX to sync your local folder to the server folder. However when the analysis is being performed remember to stop the syncing process.


1) I don’t see the App window as shown above

Ans: .NET is not installed. Download and install .NET and re-run the App.

2) I don’t see the second window after I have selected the files and clicked Start.

Ans: There can be multiple reasons

  • PUTTY family of software is not installed. Download Putty family of software and install in on your windows machine.
  • File path or file name  has space.
  • Your Login Password are not correct.

3) I am still not able to solve it.

Ans: Contact us at



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