ELNOME-EZY is Easy to Use Electronic Lab Notebook designed to suit a wide range of Labs

ELNOME-EZY is Electronic Lab Notebook to suit most labs. ELNOME-EZY is Free for Academic and Non-Commercial users. It runs on windows operating system as of now. If you don’t have Office 10 or higher installed, please install Access run time environment. Commercial users please contact us at

Sent an E.Mail. to requesting Password.

Desktop Database: Since its a desktop electronic lab notebook, multiple copies of database can be maintained on your computer. Its easy to port from one computer to the other. All that is required is to copy and paste to a different Computer or Folder. You can carry your database on USB or store it on Dropbox, Google or Onedrive and access the information from any computer.

Audited Records: The results are date and time stamped and any edits made to the Result section will be recorded and date/time stamped. Original contents and changes will be recorded. This Feature is important if you end up in any of the patent disputes. To view the History and any Edits, go to table view, Right Click on the Results Column and Choose ‘Show Column History’

ELNOME-EZY Electronic Lab Notebook is easy to use. Provide a title, Type in your results. Add attachments. And you are done.

ELNOME-EZY Electronic Lab Notebook is very easy to use. You will see a welcome screen shown below. You have to provide Title, Put in all your results (you can provide rich text results), Add Attachments and Provide an Experiment Date. The results field is Date and Time Stamped for original content or any changes made. Once you click on Add Record, your information will be saved. All your information (including attachments) is saved in Tables The information can be accessed through the Form or from Tables and Reports on the left panel of ELNOME (shown on the image on the right). By default the Form will show the First Record if available. To get an empty form click Add Record.

Arrow Keys: The Blue Arrow Keys are to move across the records.
Close Form: To close the Form. To again get the form Click on ELNOME under Form from the left panel.
Find Record: Find Record is to find specific records. Wild Card searches can be applied too.
Add Record: Click On add record to save Record. If you need an empty form then also click on Add Record.

ID: This field is auto numbered. So if you delete a record later it will be reflected.
Title: Second Field is the Title of your Experiment.
Tags: Tags helps you to quickly search for information such as related samples, molecules or protocols.
Results: It’s a rich text field, so you can have text in different fonts, size, bold, underline, and italics. Sections can be represented in different colours. This field is date and time stamped and any changes in this field will be recorded along with previous changes made. If you are patent conscious, try to put all relevant results in this section.
Attachments: Add images, movie, word document, excel files or any format file. You can upload multiple attachments. You can even edit word and excel and the data will be automatically saved to your record. (When you open word/excel from database, make changes and save, it will ask you if you want to save on database. Select yes and the changes will be saved in the database.)
Date: Select the date of your experiment. Date picker will help you choose the date.

Best Practices in Using ELNOME-EZY – Electronic Lab Notebook

1) ELNOME-EZY Electronic Lab Notebook is a stand alone application and don’t require installation. It can hold data up-to 2 GB of information. One can have multiple copies of such database. We recommend you to use different notebook for Different Project. Rename downloaded ELNOME file to your project name. Like your Traditional Notebook, ones it is full, you can start using the other and so on.
2) Save ELNOME-EZY Electronic Lab Notebook to either Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive. Currently google drive is providing 25GB of total space including your email. So create a different account for Google Drive and use it exclusively for ELNOME-EZY Electronic Lab Notebook. Now enjoy the flexibility of working from any computer. You can share your electronic lab notebook with your supervisor or collaborator. Once you part from Lab, you can take one copy with you and leave the other with your supervisor.
3) Backup is Essential when using Electronic Lab Notebook. If you are using Cloud platform such as Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive, then your data is automatically backed and synced on server and all your computers which are configured to the cloud. In spite of that, we strongly recommend taking weekly backups of your Electronic Lab Notebook. You can set up automated backups of the folder where ELNOME-EZY Electronic Lab Notebook is stored using Windows Backup utility tool. Or you can regularly copy the folder and paste it to an external drive. We recommend backups on an external drive rather than on the same computer that you are using.


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