Electronic Lab Notebook

ELNOME is our Flagship Product Range of Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) that can be customized to a fully functional Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).

ELNOME Personal

ELNOME-Personal is Electronic Lab Notebook for Individual Use and is available free to Academic and Not-for Profit Institutions. The key feature of ELNOME-Personal edition is

1) No installation requirement

2) Audited Results (Date and Time Stamped). Important component to patent disputes

3) Efficient Search and Sort Features

4) Easy Sharing and Portability.

5) No extra hardware requirement

6) Records and Tracks your Project, Samples, Consumables, Molecular Entities and Experiment Results (only for ELNOME-Bio).

ELNOME – Multi User is also highly suitable for Contract Research Labs as all the data can be bundled and send off to the clients.

ELNOME – Multi User

ELNOME – Multi User is Electronic Lab Notebook for Research Labs and Principal Investigators. It has all the features of ELNOME-Personal with additional features of controlled data sharing and providing Administrator/Principal Investigator with full access to the data as and when data is generated. The additional features include

1) Network based (does not require extra hardware)

2) Administrator/Principal Investigator has full control over data

3) Data is accessible as soon as it is generated

4) Consumables, Protocols, Molecular Entities, Samples and Project Details are accessible to all team members where as Experiment/Assay results are only accessible to individual researcher and PI.

4) Certain Fields can be made mandatory.

5) Customised to your needs

6) On-site installation and Training if required.

7) No annual licensing or support fees


ELNOME-Enterprise is Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) adaptable to fully functional Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

It is designed for regular labs and is tailor made to suit the individual lab needs.

The key features are

1) Cloud or In-house server based

2) High level access control

3) Browser Based

4) Automated backups

5) Easy Sharing and Search Features

6) Machine Integration

7) Analytics automation

8) Compatible with Large OMICS datasets

10) Can be integrated with Medical Record System

11) Compatible with 3 rd party software


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