Drug Gene Network

Our Drug Gene Interaction Network integrates with OMICS workflows and helps better understand the Biological Pathways and brings us one step closer to Precision and Personalized Medication. We are enhancing the database to accommodate Genomics alterations (expression, SNP, indels, fusions) to drug response and aim to develop clinically relevant drug response models.

Drug Gene Interaction

Large Networks are Complex to analyse. However overlaying the results from OMICS studies can simplify and expand the Gene-Gene and Gene-Drug Interaction

RTK Signaing
ERK MAPK Signaing
Kinase Drug interaction

We are building one of the most comprehensive drug-gene interaction networks to predict Clinical Response from OMICS datasets.

Only 25% of the Cancer Patients respond to conventional therapy. Moreover the treatment regime is decided based on the Origin of Cancer rather than the molecular events associated with the disease. We aim to Integrate OMICS Data, Network Biology and Predictive Algorithms to develop Clinically Relevant Models. We are looking for partners who are in Cancer Research or Diagnostics Industry. For More details please Email us at info@seqome.com


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