Customized Electronic Lab Notebook

We Customize Electronic Lab Notebook to your Specific Requirements. Prices starting from $990

Every Lab has its own Assay, Workflows and Protocols. Moreover Lab Heads may want to make certain fields mandatory or want extra information to be captured. We Specialize in developing custom Experiments capture, Workflows, machine integration and analytics automation at a highly competitive pricing. The Fields supports rich text, attachments, and all edits are traceable with date and time stamp. Some user requests to lock down on the records and that can be done.

Below are some of the sample forms that we had been developing for our clients.


Capturing the information when cells are treated with chemicals


This form captures information on RNA-Isolation


This Form Captures all information when cDNA is made from RNA.


Here we capture information about the Primers used in the study


The form is designed to capture Fold Change from qPCR studies


This Form Captures information on siRNA

siRNA Knockdown

This captures information on siRNA Treatment


This form captures information about plasmids used in studies

Plasmid Overexpression

This form captures results from the over-expression studies

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