We develop comprehensive workflows for Next Generation Sequencing

We can Perform a Comprehensive analysis for You, or can set up OME platform with installed software/workflows and provide training on how to perform Next Generation Sequencing analysis.

OUR expert consultancy and technical support makes your NGS data analysis cost effective and helps you extend the analysis beyond the standard pipeline

  • Quality Control
  • Reads cleansing and trimming
  • Multiplexing
  • Coverage/Sequencing Depth
  • Downstream data analysis
  • Analysis Optimization
  • Optimizing analysis for large cohorts e.g Single Cell Sequencing
  • And a lot more

Our NGS apps runs on OME platform which provides an easy to user interface to execute the apps. the apps can run on a server or cloud or even on a dual boot windows machine

  • Get started with basic analysis, prebuild workflows and extend analysis
  • Work like a professional
  • Optimize your workflow
  • Learn on what would be the best option
  • Cost optimization
  • Cloud options
  • In-House data analysis using an old computer

Our NGS apps are fully automated and integrates with multiple database and datasets giving a comprehensive insight to the biological systems

  • Downstream analysis
  • Network Pathways and Ontology analysis
  • Effect predictor
  • Integration with public database and datasets.
  • Easy techniques to extend analysis
  • Execute Python and R scripts

Explore Beyond the Conventional Analysis. There is Huge amount of Information which are often missed out.

  • Fusion Genes, Novel Genes, Alternate Splicing,
  • Visualize on a Genome Analyser
  • Integration with other OMICS
  • Explore downstream analysis with Cytoscape
  • SNP analysis for DNA and RNA sequencing
  • Downstream Effect Predictor
  • Gene Regulation