We Specialize in Big Data and Computationally intensive Bioinformatics, Biostatistics and Systems Biology and work with our clients towards discovery driven Analytics.


We specialise in understanding the Genome, work with whole genome and exome sequencing and have extensive experience working with Next Generation Sequencing and SNP microarrays. Our Bioinformatics team has been constantly working on innovative techniques to mine the Genomics data and derive information from multiple large genomics datasets.


Understanding transcriptome is fundamental towards understanding the biology of system. Our Bioinformatics team specialise not only in understanding the transcriptome, pathways and networks but also specialise in understanding the transcriptional regulation of the system. Our expertise include working with RNA-Seq, miRNA-Seq & Microarrays


We have extensive experience working with various types of Proteomics datasets in particular Mass Spec datasets. We have developed methods to work with noisy data and missing values, identifying pathways and networks. Our Bioinformatics expertise also include working with Phosphoproteomics datasets and development of Kinase networks from SILAC datasets.

Bioinformatics analysis of Multi OMICS Data Analysis & Integration

Large studies are commonly using multiple Omics dataset to develop the systems level understanding. Our Bioinformatics team specialize in working with Multi-OMICS and Clinical informatics to develop Biologically Relevant Informatics and Networks.


Next Generation Sequencing Workflows

Next Generation Sequencing

Our Bioinformatics team have developed Advanced Workflows for explorative applications for Next Generation Sequencing. We use these workflows to quickly and accurately process your data. We leverage the power of our Private and Public Cloud to scale up the analysis. The workflows are compatible to work on SEQOME Workbench and can be automated for large cohorts.

Patterns in Biology

OMICS data may have complex patterns, which require advance Data Mining algorithms and models. We specialize in working with range of Bioinformatics tools and optimised algorithms to identify diverse patterns in the dataset. We go further in finding out the Clinical relevance of those patterns using advanced data mining skills including gene ontology, pathways, network and up-stream regulators and integration with other OMICS datasets if available.

Needle in the Haystack

Quiet often the OMICS experiment ends in a chase of the single molecule/SNP among the billions. The task is complicated due to large number of variations with non-significant biological and clinical implications. Our advanced analytics employs novel Bioinformatics technologies to scan each and every variation and differences and risk accesses the variation to multiple parameters. We also use combinations of such variations to develop clinically relevant models.

Predictive and Diagnostics Models

The informatics from your OMICS experiment can be used to develop Predictive and Diagnostics model which can be further developed as a diagnostic kit. Our Bioinformatics expertise lies in identifying molecules and variations with predictive profile and use Advanced Algorithms such as k-Nearest Neighbour, Support Vector Machines and Neural Networks to develop models relevant to your experiment.