We Provide Bioinformatics Training on OMICS Data Analysis and Integration.  The Course will focus more on Downstream Data Analysis and Interpretation.


Key Features of our Bioinformatics Training Program

+ Understanding of High throughput Omics Technologies such as NGS, Microarrays and Quantitative Proteomics

+ Experimental Design and What to expect from Genomics, Transcriptomics and Proteomics Experiment.

+ Data analysis workflows and use of Free softwares for Data Analysis

+ Multi Omics Data Management using Microsoft Access.

+ Enrichment Analysis to identify significant Gene Ontology and Pathways Analysis 

+ Network Analysis using Cytoscape

+Packed in Basic (6  hours ) and Advanced courses on Genomics and Transcriptomics. 


+Electronic copy of Handouts provided. 

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Course Content

1) Data Analysis (3 hours): We start with Introduction on Genomics, Transcriptomics and Quantitative Proteomics using Data Obtained from NGS, Microarrays and Mass-Spec experiments. We will discuss on Data Analysis Workflows and methods to mine the datasets. Techniques such as Deferentially Expressed Genes, ANOVA, Clustering Techniques, Heat Maps and Classification Techniques will be extensively discussed. Strong focus will be on  downstream analysis such as Enrichment analysis for identification of  important Gene Ontology and Pathways analysis. Extensive use of free easy to use softwares will be demonstrated. 

Clustering to Find Co-Expressed Genes

Cancer Gene To Function Network2) Network Analysis using Cytoscape (1 hour): In this module we will familiarize participants with Basic Concepts of Network, How to use the Existing knowledge to the Network and how to overlay the high throughput OMICS results on the Network. We will further discuss the various Cytoscape Apps and the application to Translational genomics research. Participants are expected to pre-install Cytoscape on their PC. 


3) Working with  Multiple  identifier (1 hour): Quiet often scientist use multiple high throughput technologies for same or related study. One of the big problem faced is working with different identifiers. In this module we will demonstrate working with different identifiers and methods to bring the diverse  identifiers to a common identifier. We will discuss on using Venn Diagrams to identify unique set of genes. We will further explore Microsoft Access to manage results from different Experiments and pull out only relevant information. 

5) Conclusion and Discussion ( 1 Hours)

Pricing in Ireland

Academic: 1990 for up to 20 participants

Companies: 3990 for up to 20 participants

We also Provide Specialized Training in Genomics and Transcriptomics. We also deliver a 4 hours  Masterclass in Biostatistics.  Contact us for more information. Email:


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