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Systems Biology

Bio-Marker Mining

Prognostic models

Precision medicine


We provide expert consultancy, data analysis and software development for Life Science. Our key expertise is in NGS and OMICS data analysis

Machine learning

We develop Artificial Intelligence models for a wide range of prognostic models. Deep Learning has enabled us to analyze the most complex patterns

Analysis automation

We automate NGS and other high-throughput analysis. With OME Platform any analysis can be automated. This integrates with virtualization and reporting

OME Platform

OME is our flagship Framework to automate analysis. It supports multi user and and is fully customizable and extendable.

OME Framework has been highly successful in automating Genomics and Machine Learning workflows.

It is capable to handle Terra-bytes of Information and has applications far and beyond

The helix has all the information. we work with you to get that



small rna


Single cell sequencing

De-Novo SEquencing

Blended Learning Programs tailored for your research

We Offer a Wide Range of Basic and Advanced Courses on

  1. Next Generation Sequencing
  2. OMICS data analysis and Integration
  3. Bio-marker discovery and Development of Predictive models
  4. Cancer Genomics
  5. Bioinformatics
  6. Bio-statistics
  7. Artificial Intelligence
  8. Data analysis