• We provide custom and comprehensive Bioinformatics and Bio-IT Consultancy, Analytic services and Software development solutions.  Below are the guideline Academic pricing for our Software and Services, and may vary depending on the requirements. We offer huge discounts on Big Experiments and Large Cohorts of samples.

Optimised Workflows for Next Generation Sequencing Studies

Optimised Genomics Workflow for €990

Buy our optimised standard Genomics workflows from as low as €990. These workflows can be executed on an in-house Linux Server or on Cloud. We provide and install all the necessary software including SEQOMATE – NGS Automation Software as machine image. We train your staff to execute the workflow and provide annual support at highly competitive prices.

Bespoke Genomics Pipeline from €1990

Not all NGS experiments fits the traditional pipeline. Many need optimisation based on Research question, Read Length, Depth and specific Adaptors. We develop and test pipelines for advanced analysis. We even bundle database and automate the complete analysis. The whole analytics can be set up as User Interface and easy to use software.

  • Free consultancy

    Omics studies can be incredibly expensive. Technologies such as Next Generation Sequencing can be a huge burden to the project. More over in our experience 70% or the high throughput experiments had the scope for further improvements. In technology like Next Generation Sequencing, apart from the routine experimental design issues, multiple factors interplay in the process e.g. the questions asked and the sequencing depth and accordingly level of multiplexing. Proper planning of the experiment will not only save on the cost of experiment, but will also provide cleaner and more reliable results. We provide our clients with expert advice on planning an optimum high throughput experiment and also help writing grants for relevant sections.

  • Transcriptomics For €990 base price + €40 per sample

    Next Generation Sequencing and Microarrays. €990 base price + €40 per sample. We offer huge discounts on large cohorts.

    Analysis includes: Quality control, De-multiplexing, Adapter removal for miRNA-Seq, Low Quality Reads filtration, Reads Trimming if required, Normalization, Quantification, Differential Expressed Genes, Gene Ontology, Pathways Analysis, Clustering and Up-stream regulator analysis if required.

    Add-on Analysis: Transcript and Gene Level Analysis, Gene Isoforms, Alternative Splicing, Novel Exons and Transcriptome, ncRNA, cSNP, insertions deletions and fusions, eQTL, miRNA-mRNA, ChIP-Seq, Mass spec data integration, Network Analysis, Clinical data association, Development of Predictive models, de-novo RNA-SEQ, Genome annotation using RNA-SEQ, Strand Specific RNA-SEQ, Target mapping and Target prediction for miRNA.

  • Genomics

    Pricing will depend on the size of the genome and the questions asked. We work with Whole genome, Exome and Targeted sequencing datasets.Analyses offered are de-novo assembly, re-sequencing, and Comparative genomics.

    Analysis includes: Quality control, De-multiplexing, Low Quality Reads filtration, Reads Trimming if required, Normalization, Alignment, SNP calling, downstream analysis.

    ChIP-seq:Quality Control, Alignment, Identification of Binding site, Generating Consensus Sequencing, Identification of target genes. Data integration with Transcriptomics data and downstream analysis.

  • Proteomics For €990 base price + €40 per sample

    Analysis includes: Quality Checks, Data Quantification, Normalization, Missing Value Imputation, Differential Protein Expression, Clustering, Gene Ontology, Pathways Analysis, Clustering and Up-stream regulator analysis if required.

    Add-on Analysis: Data integration with other Omics datasets, Development of predictive models. Network Reconstruction, Kinase Networks from SILAC datasets. Classification of proteins.

  • Predictive Biology From €1990

    We develop Predictive models from Clinical and Omics dataset, which can be used for clinical decision-making. Analysis includes identification of key elements with predictive properties, Development of Training and Test cases. Training the model with different parameters and coming up with the most optimum set of parameters. We specialize in K nearest neighbor, Neural Network, Support Vector Machines and many other classifier and optimization algorithms.

  • SEQOME Workbench From €990 per month

    SEQOME Workbench is our Powerful Big Data Analytic platform optimized for Sequencing and Simulations. It is designed for Core facility to automate analytics. Besides it can be used for developing advanced analytics workflows. The workbench comes with pre-designed workflows for many applications for Next Generation Sequencing.

  • Private Cloud For €990 per annum

    Private Cloud works just like dropbox, with a difference. The data don’t leave your organization and remains secure within the boundaries of your organization. It is designed to support Large Omics datasets. Besides providing easy access to data, data sharing, it takes regular backups ensuring peace of mind. We install and service Private data cloud for high secure labs.

  • OMICS Beyond Basics

    There is lot more in your data that you ever imagined. Interpretation the results may be challenging at times. You may have never though that your RNA-SEQ data might have information on Genomic Fusions or Strand Specific Expressions or even cSNP regulating important expression changes. In this module we go through the Latest Advances in Omics Technologies and the potential of finding Novel information from your data. Besides we discuss on interpretation the various OMICS results and how to create a better story for your publications.

  • Bespoke Bio-IT & Bioinformatics Solutions

    We provide our clients with tailor made Bio-IT and Bioinformatics solutions at highly competitive pricing. We keep our pricing competitive by using pool of pre-designed in-house and open source packages. This also enables us to fast delivery of solutions.

  • Biostatistics Workshop for Lab Scientist €990

    Did you ever thought; why you are using p-values, should you be using 2 tailed test or a single tail test; is your experiment paired or not. Moreover, did you ever thought, if your data is normally distributed or not; is there any need of data transformation. No, then probably you would be missing on many significant results. You may be worried about high standard deviation to be depicted in figures. Could those error bars be a bit low? Under what condition should you use Standard Deviation, Standard Error or Coefficient of variation? Our Biostatistics workshop designed specifically for the Lab scientist will help you understand your data, help you not miss on the significant results and will empower you towards better depiction of results. We also organize workshop aiming at Omics Experimental Design, Data Analysis fundamentals and proper interpretation of results.

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